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lundi, 18 janvier 2016

Festival Entr'2 Marches 2016


Whether you're a professional or amateur filmmaker, actor or director, or simply passionate about the world of cinema; whether you are living with a disability or not, you are eligible to participate to the 2016 Entr'2 Marches Festival 

The registration form and the rules are available here : 

English Entry Form.pdf

English Rules.pdf

jeudi, 23 octobre 2014

Festival International Entr'2 Marches 2015 : RULES


You are an amateur, a professional or passionate about the world of cinema, valid or with a handicap, actor, director or an association, you can also participate to the 2015 edition of the Festival Entr'2 Marches.


Download the rules 2015 here : FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL ENTR 2 MARCHES RULES 2015docx.docx
Download the registration form here : FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL ENTR 2 MARCHES Registration form 2015 .doc